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The University of Central Florida’s Office of Undergraduate Research invites students to develop and share their academic expertise by publishing original scholarship in the UCF Undergraduate Research Journal.

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Call For Submissions

The Spring 2017 Submission deadline is February 6th. We still accepting submissions on a rolling basis: student research articles, essays, and adapted thesis projects are eligible for submission.

Spring 2017 submissions should expect to receive a publication decision in the fall and have their manuscript published in the spring if revisions are returned in a timely manner. The URJ will still have rolling submissions outside of the Spring 2017 deadline; however, we cannot predict decision and publication dates for rolling submissions.

SUBMIT original research
GAIN valuable publishing experience
STRENGTHEN your resume or graduate school application

We offer consultations on how to take your research and present it in manuscript format. Email or call with your questions.

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The University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal’s mission is to showcase articles of exemplary works from a wide range of student scholarship in all fields.The journal seeks outstanding research submitted by undergraduate students who have been involved in faculty-mentored research projects and activities related to scholarship.

Publication Format

The UCF URJ is published online at, as well as in PDF format to allow for on-demand print publication. Additionally, manuscripts published in the UCF URJ are cataloged through EBSCO host. EBSCO is an internationally recognized research database which provides access to thousands of journals and articles. Inclusion in the EBSCO database provides even greater opportunity to showcase and disseminate the research conducted by UCF's undergraduate students.

UCF Libraries Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to Casey Craig, Courtney Buck, Chelsea Landau, and Jordan Filipponi for their University of Central Florida Libraries Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. This award is given to the research study judged most outstanding in each volume of the UCF URJ. To read their award-winning study "The Impact of Crown Conch on Intertidal Oyster Populations in Mosquito Lagoon," see Volume 9, Issue 1.

In This Issue

The Impact of Crown Conch on Intertidal Oyster Populations in Mosquito Lagoon

By: Casey Craig, Courtney Buck, Chelsea Landau, and Jordan Filipponi | Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters

Preventing Introductions to Sustain Healthy Ecosystems: Establish Eradication Protocols for a Popular Aquarium Seaweed

By: Julie Deslauriers | Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters

The Legacy of African Veterans of World War II and their Role in the Independence Movements of the Late Twentieth Century

By: Matthew Patsis | Mentor: Dr. Ezekiel Walker

Forthcoming Articles

Analysis of the Pathomechanism and Treatment of Migraines Related to the Role of the Neuropeptide CGRP

By: Marvi Qureshi | Mentor: Dr. Mohtashem Samsam

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Application Deadline: UCF Undergraduate Research Grant (Fall)


Application Deadline: Honors in the Major Deadline for Fall 2017


Workshop: Get Started In Undergraduate Research


Workshop: Get Started In Undergraduate Research


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